Mary Bugden

Mary Budgen attended our school in 1950.

She attended Melbourne University where she gained her Bachelor of Science in 1958 and her Master of Science in 1961. She gained her Doctor of Philosophy at Monash University in 1976.

Mary has been a tutor at the University Women's College and a Research Assistant with Rolls Royce in England. At Monash University in Melbourne she has been a demonstrator and tutor, a senior tutor, a lecturer in the Department of Materials Engineering, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials Engineering and Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

Mary's main areas of interest in research are:

  1. Investigations into the resistance of refractories to slag and metal attack during the smelting and refining of metals. This work was carried out in collaboration with Dr. W. Denholm, CSIRO, Division of Mineral Engineering, Clayton, and involves the experimental investigations of the reactions between lead smelting slags on direct bonded magnesia-chrome refractories that have been used in pilot plant studies in the SIROSMELT process.
  2. Lead-acid storage batteries. A study is being made of the effects of bismuth impurities in lead used in the positive plate grids of large stationary lead-acid storage batteries. The work is funded by Telecom (Aust) Research Contract,and was completed in March 1987. A Monash Special Research Award was received in 1986 in order to extend this investigation to determine the effects of higher bismuth levels on the electrochemical behaviour of lead-bismuth alloys.
  3. The structure and the effects of dopant oxides on the metastable phases of ultrafine alumina powders produced by high temperature reactions in oxy-acetylene flames.

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