DMSC is a small country secondary college with about 180 students. It is unique because it was originally erected as a memorial to those who fought in the first World War. It is in a picturesque setting on top of a hill overlooking Dimboola and the Little Desert.

In 1921 it was decided to build a Higher Elementary School. A total of £3442 was raised, £3000 was given to the Education Department and £330 was spent on the honour roll now on the library wall. £16 was spent on the flag pole, with the remainder of the money being spent on clearing the thick mallee scrub.

The school, now the school and community library, was occupied in May 1924 and officially opened on 2 December. In 1945 it became a high school with the first form 5 (year 11) class. It was renamed Dimboola Memorial High School in 1947. The Memorial Avenue of trees and Matron Paschke Memorial was constructed in 1949.

In 1971 the Assembly Hall was opened with a canteen and dining room added in 1981. In 1980 the present administration block opened. The name change to Dimboola Memorial Secondary College took place in 1987. The sports centre was constructed in 1990, with a sports store added to it in 1997.


The school's motto is facta non verba, meaning by deeds and not words. It is hoped that students will use this as the basis for the many decisions they will have to make in their lives.
The college has a lot to offer students and we have extensive facilities. Some of these are:

a broad curriculum for the VCE;
a well-resourced computer centre with Mac and Windows computers, network thorughout entire school including wireless networking;
a music centre and Brass Band;
a sports stadium;
three sports fields and two tennis courts;
a clay target trap;
a technology centre with facilities for automotive, food, textiles, metals, woodwork, plastics and graphics;

For some views of our school's sporting fields.


Many of our students have exemplified our school's motto, some are quite well-known people. In our school grounds we have a memorial sundial to one such person, Matron Olive Dorothy Paschke. Each year, around ANZAC Day, the story of her life and heroism is read to the school's students. Click here to read more about her story and the memorial.

Kate and Wendy have more details about the war memorial plaques here.


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